Microdosing Vaccines

Vaccinations is a complex and heated topic, especially at the moment in the human world. It seems in the animal world, the question of over vaccinating is much less polarized.

Titres to demonstrate antibody levels are even accepted at some kennels and doggie daycare. According this Dog Naturally Magazine article, kennel cough is self-limiting and the vaccination only works against a few of 40+ agents that can cause Bordetella aka kennel cough. Which makes many people wonder how effective is the vaccine anyway.

Dr Patricia Jordan writes in the January-February 2019 issue of the Dog Naturally Magazine about tapping into Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide effective protection. In particular, she talks about using the Governor Vessel or Du Mai point, GV-1.

This acupuncture point, Chang Qiang, is located between the base of the tail and the anus. She lists uses for GV-1 to include pain alleviation, the activation of the meridian, calming the spirit, and less well-known, immune response modulation.

GV-1 is one of the best studied for that effect of modulating the host immune response.
Dr Jordan

She also relays a story from one of her “favourite professors” at the Chi Institute, Dr Bruce Ferguson. He had run out of vaccines at a llama farm and pulling from his training in Chinese Medicine in China and reading studies on the subject, he decided to inject the llamas with a micro dose at GV-1. That’s 0.1 ml.

As you can imagine, it takes some skill and a calming presence to inject precisely in that spot. If you’ve ever had an acupuncture treatment, you’ll know that getting the right point takes practice.

To share different vaccination views, Dr Jordan cites the “one and done protocol” of Dr Ronald Schultz, who is a veterinary immunologist. His research shows that one injection against even lethal viruses can provide enough immunity for years, if not lifetime. For rabies, five to seven years. Or that Dr Jean Dodds believes that our companion animals like our dogs are way over vaccinated. She writes 700% more antigens than necessary in the article.

Now Dr Jordan’s mantra is “One and done and with 0.1” and looks forward to more studies and research in using microdosing and acupuncture points, along with titer testing, as part of the updated protocol.



Stock Photo Credit : Lydia Torrey


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